Best Contact Lenses in Philadelphia - Hendrix Vision Center
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Best Contact Lenses in Philadelphia

Successful contact lens wear begins with a comprehensive eye examination by a trained ophthalmologist and a thorough fitting by a contact lens provider. At Hendrix Vision, we understand that contact lenses are an important part of many patients’ eye care visits. The decision to wear contact lenses is based on the clinical findings of the doctor, as well as lifestyle and personal preferences of the patient. Usually, you will be evaluated with lenses in place for the first half hour of wear and evaluated again at two weeks. Additional visits may be required depending on the complexity of the fitting.

Hendrix Vision Center has provided comprehensive eye care for the whole family for over twenty years. We are a locally owned and operated business, in Philadelphia, PA, with the friendly, attentive service that makes a visit to the eye doctor a pleasant and comfortable experience. We know how to make your contact kens fitting a successful one, and we do our best to provide you with a pleasant experience.Best contacts in Philly
First time contact lens wearers require a special dispensing visit. The contact lens provider trains the new wearer who then must demonstrate proficiency in placement and removal of the lens. Lens wearers are provided with instructions for proper hygiene, disinfection instructions and centering de-centered lens. All patients receive a care kit containing a storage case and solutions for cleaning, rinsing and disinfection. A wearing schedule and instruction booklet are provided, and a variety of products are available for contact lens care. At Hendrix Vision, we specialize in helping you select the ones most suitable to your needs.

Follow up visits are necessary for the new contact lens wearer. As you gradually adapt to the contact lenses, changes can occur which may require modification or lens change. We offer convenient business hours, with a doctor onsite six days a week. Our ophthalmologist treats the full range of eye conditions and diseases, and uses the latest advancements in technology and medicine to streamline the process.